Monday, February 27, 2012

Organizing fail!

While busy in my sewing room this weekend I decided to do something about my fabric which is in a cupboard but because of the width and length of the rack only the fabric in the front is visible when I opened the door.

See, I could never see what is behind these bolts.

I honestly don't have an inch of unused space in my room but I use 8 cupboards like these to keep my quilt books and magazines.

Cleverly I thought I'd swap the books and fabrics and now my fabric is in single file and visible if I open the little doors.

However when I started packing my books in the old faric cupboard I had exactly the same problem..... darn!  Now my books aren't visible at a single glance - stacked in double rows with only the front books visible - just as the fabric was!  In fact I even had to take some books to another room.

There is just no way I am changing back again and until I can figure out something else to do (declutter I suppose) this will have to stay.

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  1. I think a lot of us with small spaces move things around all the time. I put all of my fabric on little bolts but finally took them off as they took to much room. Good luck!