Thursday, February 16, 2012

Daléne's quilt top

I almost made a boo-boo this morning.  Still chuffed with myself for having my applique shapes glue basted to work on during the day, I just came to sit at my computer when my phone rang.  Fellow quilter, Daléne, was waiting at my front door.  Yip, we had an appointment and with my i Pad (which is my diary) having ran out of battery life..... I couldn't check!

Incidents like these however make me appreciate myself being so organized for I've already been through my house swishing and swiping and was dressed, so not a big deal after all.  I am just grateful that I didn't decide to drive anywhere and left poor Daléne to arrive with no-one home.

Daléne finished a massive Grandmother's Flower Garden top and needed me to quickly help her sandwich it.  It just goes so much faster if 2 people do this.  She had her backing and batting cut and joined to size and in a jiffy we had this biggie pinned.  With her being so much taller she struggled with back ache but we got it finished before it became unbearable.  Just look at this!

She then calmly informed me that she plans to hand quilt this - all of the very best Daléne, rather you than me!

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