Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Dinner

I don't watch much TV unless it is tennis but occasionally there would be a series that both DH and I would follow and to get myself to sit in one spot for long enough, I need to take hand work along.  So with one border sewn to my Simple Yet Elegant quilt I pinned the applique shapes in place and started doing these while watching 'Survivor' with DH Monday evening.

Then on Tuesday evening a couple of us 'old people' went out to a Valentine's Dinner organized by a local church.

We had an absolute stunning hostess who kept us drinking in every word she said if we could stop laughing long enough to actually listen and she made the evening well worth the while.

Good food, good wine and great company topped it off.

It was just Rina that got a little confused.  Look here:
"I pledge my heart to you"...... her own husband

"......but I'd just like to sit a little closer to you"........ NOT her husband

Then she obviously remembered who had to take her home and had some serious sucking up to do!

I got into bed and slept until 2am, woke up - I suspect the wine had something to do with the big thirst I had that time of the morning - and finished the applique on the one border of my quilt.  Got back into bed around 4 am and slept further.  Hopefully today I can attach the second border.

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