Friday, February 17, 2012

Breakfast date

I finished the applique on the second border Thursday evening just before midnight and then enjoyed a rare full nights' rest.  This morning I had a breakfast date with the coordinator of our 2013 National Quilt Festival, Iessie Steenberg, to thank her for all the hard work she does.

Nope, I'm not that kind by nature but I had quite a scare some 2 weeks ago.  Another quilter e-mailed me asking whether I knew anything about Iessie not coordinating the festival anymore.  Gosh, you know that feeling when it seems your intestines switched positions and you are in need of a toilet desperately - not knowing whether you'll bend over it or simply flop down onto it??  That was exactly how I felt!!  Luckily I was still capable of e-mailing a single sentence back:  "I know nothing about it."

So why didn't anyone tell me?  Obviously because it wasn't true and the person who e-mailed me got confused with the Bloem Show that needed a new coordinator to give Iessie time to focus on the festival only.  This however made me realize how easily we criticize and how slow we are to compliment.  So I invited her to breakfast on me and we ended up talking (IQC obviously) until 12:30.  If we stayed any longer they could have served us lunch!

Now just to convince PIC (partner-in-crime) Karin to come along with us.  Please......... pretty please, Karin!!

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