Saturday, February 25, 2012

My week in quilting

Daily posts about projects kept in plastic bags are not much fun but I do this to not only keep track of my progress but also to motivate myself.  At least looking back on my own blog shows that things did happen even though my UFO list is still 21 items long.

On Tuesday my goodie-bag project quota for July 2012 got done.  Quilted backings done for me by Iessie Steenberg and Frances van Schalkwyk - kind fairies!  Now I can attend the IQC in July without feeling guilty about incomplete projects.  Yip, accommodation already booked for this first time African event.

Spent way too much time on the telephone on Wednesday and didn't quite finish another months' quota - a time consuming device, this little telephone.  Got up early on Thursday, did my morning household routines and then returned to the grinding board.  With the help of Rina van Straten and Magriet Bester who quilted these backings I got done with my August 2012 projects just before 10am.

Felow quilter, Elsie van dier Bijl, came over on Thursday morning with a big box of freezer paper that her daughter-in-law, Robin, sent us from the USA.  This should last us a lifetime or so.  Thanks Elsie and Robin!!  Elsie decided to make this the year to finish her UFO's and she made me so jealous with her progress.  Started working on a new months' quota but taught an evening class so I didn't get to finish.

I finished my quota for September on Friday just before the mister took me to dinner and I've now officially worked myself out of pre-quilted backings. Now I'll have to make more or seriously suck up to my fellow quilters to help.  Either way, I think I'm taking a break from goodie-bag projects for a while.  This months' quilted backings done for me by Frances van Schalkwyk and Rina van Straten.

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