Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hand stitching the border applique

I joined the other 3 border strips to my quilt on Wednesday but I taught a class again and didn't get to do anything else.

However when I got up this morning before my family even left for work or I got dressed I quickly glue basted the applique shapes to the second border.  With this in place and on my table I can work on it between doing household chores.

I would so like to stick to this quilt and get it done with but my head is already spinning with a new project which sadly is not one of my current UFO's!


  1. I wish I had the time to get something done. I keep finding things to do and yet I get nothing done. Beautiful work. Chris

  2. Ah, Hettie - just caught up on reading some blogs - you have been busy, busy, busy with your Simple Yet Elegant BOM. I have to tell you of a WONderful new quilting term I came across the other week - so don't feel bad about not getting to your UFO's - you are so allowed to start a..... NewFO !