Friday, February 10, 2012

Simple Yet Elegant BOM - Sashings

Still early morning after squaring my blocks I started auditioning fabric for the sashings.  I have plenty of fabric in my stash and even though I knew I might not have a big enough piece I would be able to see which color would work best.

I liked the orange and green in the fabric to the front of the photo but the background cream was way too light. I didn't like the cream between the blocks further away in the photo.

I tried more colors and finally had an idea on which way to go.  The next morning I phoned Karin - she's on crutches with a bad heel - and took her along to our local PFAFF to help.  Karin has a good eye for color and with her and Marie (PFAFF dealer) I couldn't go wrong and I wasn't too surprised when we ended up deciding the green would work the best.  It was the color I finally decided on at home as well.
Karin and I then had red velvet cake and coffee with quilting friend Rina, who just returned from a dentist appointment, still a little shook up.  She's petrified of dentists!  Back home had to prepare dinner for my hungry ones and didn't get to do much but at least I purchased my fabric.

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