Thursday, February 09, 2012

Simple Yet Elegant BOM - Packing and squaring

Okay, goodie bag project done, I could return to one of my BOM's - Simple Yet Elegant from The Quilt Pattern Magazine.  I tried to keep the blocks in the same order as they appeared on the pattern but when I put these next to each other I found that I had a rather light spot bottom left (unfortunately my photo was taken too close and it omitted the problem area.)

I then swapped the heart block at the bottom with the bird block at the top and it looked more balanced.

Then we went for dinner by Karin and at first I thought I would only continue the next day as we returned home rather late.

However I slept until 2:45 and then I was as awake as could be.  So I got up and started squaring my blocks.  I enlarged the pattern as I wanted it to comfortably fit over a double bed, so instead of making the blocks 12" as per pattern I made them 16".

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