Saturday, February 11, 2012

Simple Yet Elegant BOM - Joining the rows

With dinner served I saw that I still had a couple of hours left to start adding my sashings so I got going.  I had to absolutely sterilize the kitchen before I started as we had avocado and it is terribly poisonous to parrots, so I didn't want to leave any trace of it anywhere.

I finished all the vertical sashings just before midnight and decided to call it a day when the two kittens could think of no better place in our entire house to play than just my sewing table.

Started a new free motion class the evening and the work on my quilt stopped for a while.  However I only slept until 2 am, tried to sleep again but gave up just before 3am and then got up to do the horizontal sashings.

Now the top will have to be folded and put away as I have to hand applique the borders and this should keep me busy for some time.

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  1. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Those cats!!!!! Think they are the boss.

    Love yor quilt.