Saturday, March 03, 2012

Centre 3-D square block

Our monthly Saturday group has decided that each of us should take turns to show the group something every month.  Towards the end of last year, Sonja, our guild treasurer, showed her group a center 3-D square block.  I offered to show something in March but then decided, even though this block is an oldie; there would still be some quilters in our group who haven't seen it.  I then asked Sonja if she would come demonstrate it at our group.  Occasionally having a new face and voice around can be nice.

Last year October during our PFAFF sew-away I won a layer cake in a lucky draw and when I saw it I knew I didn't want to break up the 'cake' but use it all in one project.  So I knew this would be the ideal opportunity to make use of these.  Aren't they pretty?
I then started cutting the blocks according to size.  One large and 4 small and added white to the mix.
I prefer making bed quilts that I can use opposed to smaller wall hangings or runners that I don't have much use for and I soon realized that one layer cake would not nearly make enough blocks.  So off to our local PFAFF I went to buy 50 more colors.  Sadly I couldn't get fabric in the same range and I therefore opted for matching colors.
I needed 255 blocks for a double bed quilt and realized that I won't be able to do all of these during our 3-hour group meeting and I then started stitching a couple of blocks.  Giving myself out as a teacher I also believe their is nothing worse than someone teaching without having a completed quilt to prove her abilities to make it.  Even though I asked Sonja to show the block, I am still the one responsible for this months' idea therefore my duty to have a good general knowledge of what should happen and what problems may arise.  Pretty soon I had a nice stack of blocks done.
I worked a little all week and pinned my blocks in units of 10 to keep track of my total.
Friday afternoon I gave my  completed blocks a decent press to make the squaring slightly easier.
While the cleaning crew went through my house to get it 'weekend ready' I took my blocks outside to start squaring.
My blocks were then pinned to a sheet to carry along to the group meeting - an array of colors!
The church hall where we gather was exceptionally hot on Saturday and having to work from the floor, gave me my weekly exercise.
Luckily with the help of fellow group members, Connie, Anida and Rina, who stitched some of my blocks into rows I got a quarter of the blocks joined during the group meeting.
Now to finish this baby!

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    Ag nee, Hettie. Ek raak sommer moeg vir jou part. Genade, jy sien darem kans vir baie. En so vinnig!