Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Sick leave

My procedure (removal of a cyst, 3 teeth which never came to the surface and bone transplant from the lower jaw to the upper jaw for a future crown) took place on Monday but they don’t play with these things lately.  I was wheeled into theatre at 17:00 and back home, even after we stopped at the pharmacy for my prescription, at 19:00.

The only thing I truly feared was pain.  I’ve been in just so much pain since December with my frozen shoulder that I didn’t know how much more I would be able to handle.  But, touch wood; apart from being terribly swollen I do not have any pain whatsoever.

So today I seriously cut strips.  I’ve been looking at scrappy quilts on the internet and blogger friend Chris and I fear we might not live long enough to make all of these.  This however made me realise you can never have too many pre-cut strips on hand.

We have a builder replacing ceilings in the front of the house – part due to water damage and part as renewed decorating – so I did little cleaning knowing the ceiling dust will be all over the place for the next couple of days.

The latter part of the day and evening I turned to my Owl Wall Hanging which I blogged about over here to try to make some progress. I got to add the body background and the beak.

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  1. Hope you heal up fast. Usually mouth injuries of surgeries do well. I sewed most of the day yesterday and still looking at more patterns. I need to shut the computer off anf just get busy. LOL Chris