Sunday, April 09, 2017

A good day

Our newest grandchild got christened today and ah…. these family days are becoming o so special.  I was up bright and early finalising the lunch and then we all set off to the church for the big event.  Needless to say the little man made it ever so special to decide this was boring enough to take a poop and granddaughter had a ball sitting on her oupa’s lap ensuring her the right to misbehave and talk as loud as possible.
After church we returned home to enjoy our lunch and the pretty cake.  Granddaughter is still not ready to go home and will spend the rest of the afternoon with us.

I am having a massive dinner tonight; made up of the leftovers as after a small breakfast before 7am tomorrow I may not eat anything until the operation in the afternoon and with my jaw being operated on who knows when I’ll ever be able to eat a proper meal again.

I am however so geared up with quilt projects to do should I be up to it being off from work, so hoping not to have too much pain; I am kind of looking forward to these days off.

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