Saturday, April 15, 2017

Quilting fun

Setting my timer for 15 minute intervals I had so much fun quilting my Mystery quilt.  I looked at a single section that needed to be done, selected a pattern from my heaps of books and then set out doing small portions at a time.  Normally I would just want to get this done and meander all over the place.  I am rather pleased with the results.
I also got a nice pile of strips sets done ready to be cross-cut.
I must admit after this I was out for the count regarding quilting and I guess I enjoy it so much because it is just a hobby and as a rule I won’t be quilting from the morning to the evening.  Getting my hour (if that much) of quilting in a day is about what I need to keep me wanting to come back for more. After this intense week of everyday quilting, I am satisfied to the brim.

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