Sunday, April 16, 2017

Ah snap!

Satisfied with all the quilting I got done this week I got to do other things.  Shopped with my youngest, planning my menu for the upcoming week, washing everything made of material in the TV room, seeing that hubby painted not only the new ceilings but the walls in this room too, went menu shopping and so much more.

Got home, made myself a cup of coffee, took a plate with salty-cracker biscuits to my computer and just planned to relax the rest of the day.  As I chewed on about cracker number 5 I heard this gunshot go off in my head and even not being clued up on anything medical, I just knew this jaw, is no more.

Went to hubby, then painting the entrance and said that I’m sorry to interrupt but I think we should go to hospital.  A strange stiffness immediately made it very difficult to talk without pain, even swallowing my own spit hurt.

Got to emergency, had an X-ray taken and yip, the jaw was fractured in a Z shape but the surgeon, I guess the only one we have in our city, only returns on Tuesday, after Easter.  So I was given my X-ray CD, asked if I needed more painkillers and told not to eat, laugh, yawn or talk until I get to see the doctor.

What a way to not only end Easter weekend but my sick leave too.  I guess a new round coming up soon!