Friday, April 14, 2017

Back to back set-up

Being Easter Friday and a public holiday anyway I guess my sick leave has come to an abrupt stop. Poor hubby and his fitters however still needed to work today.  We are doing the flooring of an X-ray department of one of the private hospitals and the work can only be done over weekends or on public holidays.

With our cats being overly annoying – I guess due to the rainy weather outside – I had a hard time quilting in peace.  So I set up my quilting station back to back.  On the large table I had the mystery quilt under the Pfaff grand quilter and on the desk I had my sewing machine and my strips in need of being sewn together.

If one of the cats preferred the quilt, I’d do the strips and if one decided to test out how it would be to sleep on the strips, I could quilt but I had to bring in a soft fleece to prevent both from choosing both fabric lots.
I set my trusty timer on my cellular phone and would free-motion for 15 minutes do 15 minutes kitchen duty, sew strips for 15 minutes, change seasonal clothes in my cupboard and this way a lot got done.

I think this picture sums up my cat situation perfectly!

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