Thursday, April 27, 2017

Hopefully fixed

I got released from hospital (again) last Thursday after 2 metal strips were attached to my jawline (side and bottom) to reinforce the old chap.  For two weeks after this my diet must consist of clear fluids only.  When asked to define this, the clever nurse said if you have the liquid in a glass you must be able to read your newspaper through it. So I said then it must be wine and water.  The doctor didn’t find this very funny and said no only drinks without milk in it.  Have your coffee black.  Now I would like to see this youngster read his newspaper through a mug of black coffee!

Although I don’t have much physical pain I am still occasionally dead tired and just feel like getting onto a bed and just be….. Not read, not watch TV or play a game on my phone.  Just be still.  I did however go back to the office on Friday as we neared the end of the month and some things simply could not be left undone.

Today I am enjoying yet another public holiday, quilting to my heart’s content while the interior decorator is doing the final touches in the entrance and I was not allowed to watch until finished.

This is the end result and I am so chuffed.

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