Friday, June 01, 2012

Fun on Mother's Day

Remember my post with the little crayon rolls over HERE?  Well this is the final chapter.

This latest little wall hanging started as pure fun on Mother's Day when my blonde and I decided to do a little wax crayon art.  I first saw this on Tonya's blog and she got the idea on You Tube.

I didn't have fancy board or art canvas so ordinary white cotton had to do and it came out so lovely that I knew I wanted to make something of it.  With my PFAFF Grand Quilter in for a checkup I had to patiently wait but it gave me time to think about it and the moment I got my quilt machine back it was all systems go.  Dear Jane gone and forgotten and this got quilted.

The partially melted crayons had to be removed but I liked how it looked with the crayons on.  Now crayons on a quilt won't do and then I had a not so easy time trying to recreate these in fabric but after several tries I had something that almost resembled a crayon.

Digging through my scraps pile to find matching fabric for every color.  This part was fun.

Then the tedious applique on every crayon started with having to change the thread for every color crayon - not fun.

Finally the crayons got sewn to the background by hand and with the tennis on TV it took me forever to just do a plain black binding but it is done now and I love this little skill builder.  Might even use it to teach my future grandchildren colors.

Completed:  1 June 2012


  1. Wow. Hope you are proud of yourself. When u good u good.

  2. This turned out really neat. I need some new wall hangings and need to get inspired. Thanks for Sharing. Chris

  3. Wilna5:47 PM

    Jou idees darem! Baie oulik.

  4. This is so neat! My grandson is going to be with me next week and this would be a fun project! Thanks for sharing!