Saturday, June 23, 2012

Eating way too much

My blonde and I decided that it is time that DH should return now.  At the rate the two of us have been eating out or ordering in we'll have to attend a boot camp soon.

Apart from the dinners we have together we also have breakfast and lunch dates with friends separately from each other.  So at night the main topic of conversation would be what all we had to eat for the day.

For some reason both of us are on a blue cheese high and at least one course would contain blue cheese.  Another decision made but not yet kept......  we cannot do more than one course.  Main meal, drink, that's it!

We did however decide to visit restaurants that we would not usually go to and what a lovely surprise some of these turned out to be.  Look at these original serviette rings.

This is the roof of one of the bars at a restaurant.  It looks like a fish pond but the roof is actually painted blue with little rubber fish hanging from it.

Another huge mistake was lunch with friend, Marinda - all started out well, chicken salad with wine and then Marinda just had to buy us a cocktail called Panty Dropper.  Everything went haywire after this and I'm still surprised that we actually made it home!  At dinner with the kids they kindly informed me that this drink was so appropriate seeing that it was international 'no-panties' day.  Who makes up all of this?

Even the cats seem to go somewhat overboard with their eating habits.  Ashes caught in the act of stealing biltong!

Tonight rugby and even more food with another group of friends.  May this now be the last major eating event!

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  1. Your post made me laugh! Between the no panty day, the panty dropper drink and the cat, I couldn't help it! Sounds like fun! Who cares about the calories!!