Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Back to being the good wife

Yip, DH is back from his trip to Thailand and I am intense aware of my role as the good wife again. It actually started the day before he returned when I decided to wash the carpets.  I mean there is no need for him to know that I had heaps of fun while he spent his our hard earned money.  It is much better to make him believe I swished and swiped all day long putting him on a guilt trip that might just lead to a little financial bonus (if there's any left after the trip!).  So this is what my passage looked like after washing the carpets.

In the mean time Wimbledon has started - how do you focus on all at the same time?  My party might as well be a 'non-party' as I just don't get around to organize everything.  Still haven't invited everyone yet!  The blonde is shouting orders for her 21st and I'm barely touching ground.

However come late afternoon/early evenings with the parrot asleep, I do get to treat myself by making a block or 2 and this is my progress on the Universal Beauty quilt I started with Karin at their cabin.

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