Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Pre-departure dinner

We had Karin and her family over yesterday evening for a pre-departure dinner for our men.  The two of them will be leaving on a golf/fishing vacation to Thailand on Father's day and had plenty to discuss and plan.

The big kids on both sides had to come as they have all been there and their main purpose was to inform the two men that those sexy girls so badly wanting their attention might just be transvestites.  Here are Karin's girls; just as well mannered as their dad.

My very pregnant daughter in law explaining to us how the women over there would go for your husband even with the wife around.  It seems as if Karin enjoyed the thought of someone else having to deal with dear André.

Serious discussions with my son far left in the back.  My kids really don't like their photos being taken as can be seen when I tried to catch the blonde on the couch.

Candice seemed to understand all the 'Par' talk and was drawn into the conversation.

And dear Karin and I?  We were just left there having to pretend to be interested.  BUT..... we had a little pre-departure planning of our own to do as we are going to Karin's cabin this weekend all by our lonesome selves to quilt!

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