Friday, June 08, 2012

Weekend at Karin's cabin - the reason

A while back during a conversation it turned out that 4 of us all bought the same universe panel but none of us heave really started making something of it.  What would friend, Rina suggest?  "Hettie, design us a pattern".  NO! I am really not that kind.  I use my EQ way too little to get that brave but I knew what I planned with my panel and said the other 3 were welcome to do what I do or design their own.  They however wanted single bed quilts while mine would be for a double bed, so it was just a matter of re-sizing the blocks to show them my idea and they all liked it.  This is what I'd like my panel to look like as a completed quilt.

The next step was to find a date that would suit all 4 of us at Karin's cabin - without men, families or pets and we set a date.  However instigator, Rina made other plans, Marie couldn't make it, so Karin and I thought that we've set out the date, arranged with the men to do the household thing, so we're sticking to the plan.

Little did we know that the weather would turn mean with warnings of snow on the mountains, rain and bitter cold weather but since when did cold weather stop the two of us from quilting?  So the weekend was still on.  Then our departure time changed when Karin found out a funeral she'd like to attend would be on the day we planned to leave.  Still no problem, we simply leave somewhat later.

Early this morning Karin phoned, her dear Jeep is not going or taking us anywhere, so we needed a car.  My car is way too low for the roads by the dam, we needed a 4 x 4 so DH was called to bring his car, give me emergency training on how to drive the thing so that our weekend can still realize.  The bottom-line is that I believe bad things happen in 3's and we've had them all:  weather, time delay and car trouble, so now all just has to go well.  I got my basic training and all we'll do in the car is Park, Drive and handbrake.  We won't be adjusting temperature, set speed control, switch on wipers or lights (this luckily happens by itself), reverse or adjust anything.  Basic it will be all the way to and from the cabin.  See DH even reversed the car into the garage so that I can just go forward.

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