Sunday, June 10, 2012

A fairy-tale weekend for two quilters

See, I thought nothing else could go wrong.  Karin and I left just after 4 pm on Friday and none of our initial worries about hectic traffic realized.  We had a dream trip and managed the strange car just fine; even enjoyed the scenic view as we neared the farm where the cabin is built.

The only slight problem we encountered was the unfairness of the mail species.  The photo on the left shows the light the men have for fishing.  It can easily shine across the dam compared to the lighting we have for sewing inside.  Equal rights they say, I don't think so!

While poor Karin ran around switching on electricity, turning on gas and getting water running I started unpacking the car and even the rain was kind enough to give us chance to unpack completely before coming down again.  I made Karin pose for 'one last neat' photo as we didn't bring any clothes other than our PJ's and had no intention of getting dressed or painted over the weekend.  We were two women alone on a farm, in a cabin by the dam - why bother?

To curb the cold we opened a bottle of Old Brown Sherry and we were soon warm enough to start sewing and I got 4 blocks done before retreating to bed at 1 am on Saturday morning.

Getting up on Saturday morning was slightly harder as the bed was surely the best place to be although these early morning visitors obviously decided to seize the day.

The rest of the day was as unpredictable as tomorrow itself.  We had every possible weather condition imaginable;  wind, sunshine, hail, ice-rain, snow.  Now what foreign readers might not know is that snow in South Africa is about as rare as chicken teeth.  The last time I experienced snow was in 2004 and here we had it on our weekend retreat.  Not much sewing got done - we played around in the snow (in our ONLY sets of PJ's) like kids and didn't even feel the cold.

Or let's say "didn't feel the cold until we got back inside!" and then the OBS had to come to our rescue again.

I guess due to the cold we ate non-stop or we at least blamed the cold weather for us eating so much.  We did however decide on our next trip we only take laxatives.  Gosh, gluttons are made, not born!

In between all the weather conditions we did get a little sewing done in our temporary sewing setup.

Karin in the end decided that these curves were just too much for a quilt she plans to give away and started making her own wonky log cabin blocks instead and this is what our temporary design wall looked like before we started packing up.

Returned home on Sunday morning and I got a lovely surprise when DH put this massive 2,5 meter square design wall up for me in the passage just as I exit my sewing room.  Now I can put all the blocks for a huge King sized quilt up without having blocks overlap each other.  O, the man has his moments!

Thanks Karin, as usual I had a whale of a time!


  1. Dit lyk of julle 'n fees gehad het. Wilna

  2. Dit lyk of julle 'n fees gehad het.