Saturday, June 16, 2012


First we bumped up Father's Day to Friday seeing that DH left for Thailand early Saturday morning and I got this photo of my family.  Hard to get all of them to pose which never looks natural so this is extra special.

Not much came of my plans to stay in my PJ's, not go anywhere or see anyone while the mister is away as the big kids wanted to have their pregnancy photos taken and asked to use our garden.  So up and dressed for the big photo session.  These two (geeks) have ideas of their own so my captures are just how they planned it anyway.  So we continued bumping!
The couple

Grandma is blogging this
Eviction notice

Baby loading

Super.... baby?

L for Logan or L for Llya

It's a .......

Proof that geeks have......

The biggest bump

With this done maybe I can get some quilting going.

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