Thursday, June 07, 2012

More February beginner quilts

Yesterday evening 3 more of the February beginner quilters came over for coffee and cake and to show their completed quilts.  Every time I see these I just realize that I was actually up to nothing when I started quilting.  Look at the beauties created by these first timers.

Here are the proud producers of the quilts.  Elsa, to the left is still somewhat behind but with an extremely good excuse.  This lady, looking so fit on the photo, went mountain climbing during the course, fell off a cliff, broker her hip, had to be airlifted off the mountain and had a hip replacement!!

Seven of the group couldn't attend our final meeting but one, Diana, sent us a photo of her quilt.  Diana was involved in a minor car accident just before our meeting.  Amazing to think she still thought of sending a picture while being rattled by the accident!

Ladies it was fun being able to teach you and now that you are so capable I hope you'll return the favor and teach me to be just as accurate and neat as you all are.

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