Sunday, June 03, 2012

My Saturday

I fell so far behind with reading the blogs I follow and my e-mail while enjoying the first week of tennis at Roland Garros that I just had to use Saturday morning to get updated.  So no quilting done.  I need to read as many blogs as possible to find interesting links on free patterns or tutorials that I can use for our guild blog.  I do enjoy writing the blog for our guild but heck some days I just run out of ideas totally.

The afternoon I went to our Saturday group meeting and guess what?  I left all the DJ blocks I planned to hand quilt while there at home.  O I felt so terribly clever!.  We did however take a new group photo seeing that all our members were present.  This doesn't happen often.

I finished the last of the yellow DJ blocks at home and once these are attached to the previous blocks I can mark another UFO off my list.  DJ won't be done yet but I marked every color as an individual UFO as it takes me forever to finish.

1 comment:

  1. Love your yellow DJ blocks. Your group photo is great! You all look like true quilters!