Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Old news

I've been running around planning events so much lately that I've fallen behind in keeping my blog.  It was bitterly cold in the Free State last week and we decided to bring the babies in from outside.  Now they can still enjoy a little sun and warmth in one of the guest bedrooms with Ash (the cat) taking good care of these quiet playmates.

Still working on my Universal Beauty quilt and in fact even though not shown on this photo I'm done with all 38 New York Beauty blocks and joined the sashing around the center piece.

For the first time since we started with this quilt and returned from Karin's cabin on 10 June 1 could clear my cutting table which looked like this while working on the blocks.

The past weekend however how weather turned really lovely.  Even the blonde got out of bed earlier than usual and joined me in my sewing room building a puzzle.  Ash didn't think much of her attempts.

Karin and her hubby came over on Sunday so the men could give us a Show and Tell with their photos taken in Thailand and look they even thought of us while there.  The silk they brought home to their quilting wives.

Today my sewing room will be thoroughly cleaned before I continue with any other stitching.

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