Friday, July 13, 2012

One down, two to go

I didn't quilt a single stitch this week but I taught two evening classes and with me not getting behind the machine to quilt, I eventually fixed a pocket on one of DH's shirts and hemmed two of my own pants that have been shoved around in my sewing room for more than two months.

Then Thursday, on my birthday, we lured DIL to my fictitious birthday function which was actually her Stork party.  I have never in my life told so many lies in one single month but heck this kid was annoying.  Wanted to come over to visit way too much but what she didn't realize is that every time she came over we hurriedly had to hide stuff, shut doors and continue with our lies.
My son and DIL
Her sister came over to help decorate the room - another lie told to DIL in that I have one salon treatment after the other and that she really couldn't come over during the day to help with anything or to congratulate me.
Bianca, DIL's sister with the nappy cake she made

Then an even bigger surprise for DIL when her aunt flew all the way from Pretoria to attend the party and her mom and aunt quickly came by to check on her progress.
DIL's aunt, me and her mom
We planned well and the final work didn't turn out to be too much and we soon had the room decorated.

     Some of the finer detail.

Friends and family waiting for the guest of honor to arrive.

I do believe DIL was rather surprised as she apparently did not much look forward to her mother-in-laws' stuck up party.  As if I ever have these!!

Karin and I decided we weren't pregnant and doctored our orange juice with a little cane and relaxed in a corner on the couch.

Needless to say the more alcohol Karin consumed the friendlier she got and I think she also got confused with me and my husband as it got cozier the later it got!

Socks just had to check out the quality of all the new gifts for the baby and thought this to be the best of them all.

One party down, two to go and today major planning for my REAL birthday party.

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  1. What a fun time! Your party looks like everyone had a great time!