Friday, July 06, 2012

This week's activities

The blonde left for Cape Town on Wednesday with friends and even though she turns 21 later this month this trip just proved that she'll always stay our baby as both DH and I were rather tense about this 10 hour drive and to make it worse with the last part being at night.  When I got a text message from her at 1 am to say they arrived safely all my plans to go to sleep went down the drain and I tossed and turned all night.

Not feeling too chirpy the next day but started the day well with breakfast with fellow quilter Wilna at a quaint coffee shop called 'House of Breads.'  Seen this so many times driving by but never took the time to stop and enjoy so this suggestion from Wilna was rather welcome.

Went grocery shopping afterwards (with the blonde not here the pantry might just look full for half a week).  Back home fellow quilter Frances came by catching me nicely stretched out on the couch ready for the days' Wimbledon sipping Choc-o-chino (1 teaspoon hot chocolate, 1 teaspoon coffee, sugar and milk added as desired).

Only got to finish my Universal Beauty quilt top the evening and it turned out much bigger than I initially planned on computer.  I still had to add 2 borders but seeing this on a standard double bed it already reached the floor on 3 sides, so I ended it right there and then.

I do have a couple of urgent matters to attend to but do believe I will start the sandwiching and quilting process soon.  Today off to have a passport photo taken for my visa to Croatia!

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