Monday, July 16, 2012

I can almost breathe again

My 50th birthday party is over and done with and I've never been more grateful for a Sunday just to unwind and relax.  Apart from it being bitterly cold outside and almost too warm inside the air conditioned room nothing went wrong and I enjoyed having so many special friends together in one evening.

DH had a nice treat for me in 3 amazing performers that sang while we ate.

I had my two confidants in life with me which made the evening even better.  Karin is well known to everyone who knows me or read my blog but a special treat the evening was Maureen, on the left, whom I met when she was only 6 and I was a mature 8 years old.  Friends for 42 years!!

DH gave a lovely speech and when I see my two kids dance it is always a tender moment.

I received wonderful gifts and the trouble some people took with their wrapping or cards blew me away.

Thanks to all who attended to make this evening memorable.

Now I only have the blonde's 21st to worry about next weekend.

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  1. Baie geluk Hettie. Lyk na 'n lekker partytjie!