Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Simple Yet Elegant BOM – Block 1

In January this year I subscribed to the brand new e-magazine, The Quilt Pattern Magazine,
and almost immediately knew I wanted to do their BOM ‘Simple Yet Elegant’ but all in hand appliqué.  Now this was about the same time I started the Fiesta BOM by Fatcatpatterns - what was I thinking????

When the first pattern turned out to be made 4 times I scolded myself for taking on too many things at the same time but do I learn….. oh no!  As they say, some mistakes are so good you have to make them over and over.

With scaling my teaching down every year in June and July I always hope to move mountains  in my own quilting but before I know it 2 month’s have gone by with me not having done much.  Then just as my ‘vacation’ time comes to an end I suddenly want to finish it all.

So yes, I’ve done the first 4 blocks and again decided on a dark background.

 Furthermore I am working until the wee hours of the morning on projects for our own National Quilt Festival in 2013, so very little idle time in my life but I am working with so many talented, eager and competent ladies that I am almost convinced it will be all worthwhile.

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