Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fiesta BOM – Block 7

Tomorrow being the 1st of August means that the 8th block in the BOM series by Fatcatpatterns will be released for download so I had hurry up and finish the 7th block.  It took me so long to catch up once I’ve fallen behind that I didn’t want to end up there again.

I didn't want to use my blog as a story about my family but today, when looking through my Dear Jane journal, I realized how nice it was to relate certain incidents to a certain block I did.  Now for the sake of those interested, my mom, 82 came to live with us a while ago and she suffers from Dimentia – basically the start of Alzheimer’s with the difference that she still knows all of us and remembers all the things from years gone by but struggles in remembering recent things.

So here I was spending most of the day in my sewing room with mom having to pass me every time she goes to the toilet (which can be every 10 minutes seeing that she can’t remember she’s been there!!).  When I put my block up the design wall to take a photo she came by once again, looked at me and said:  “I haven’t seen you once today.”  No use in arguing with mom for my daughter will often chip in and say “Just accept the fact that she’s your mother and you are wrong!”  I hope she will remember this when I grow old.


  1. Aren't children fun!!!! The block looks great. I am so behind on everything. Cleaned sewing room with granddaughter and now I am into messing it up again. Chris

  2. Using your blog to tell these stories is a great idea! My dad passed away a year ago from complications of dementia. Thank you for sharing your story!