Monday, July 18, 2011

Blocks in free motion – Our first stitching day 14 April 2011

Our second get together was moved a week forward due to the Easter Holidays, so we got to start faster.  With everyone’s fabric sandwiched and marked it was time to get some valuable tips from people like Leah Day  and Patsy Thompson via the internet.  These photos show how we all seriously listened trying to pick up hints and tips.

After a couple of practise sessions we were ready to start on our quilt stitching our first pattern on our centre block and I am always surprised to see how people who prior to joining a free motion group and “could not quilt” suddenly act NIKE and ‘just do it’.

We took a group photo as we would like to show ourselves to Emma How who gave us permission to make a quilt similar to her idea but trust me to file anything so well that no-one can ever find it again, so I am saddened to say I don't have the group photo anymore.

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