Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blocks in free motion – Third meeting 5 May 2011

We all had a short break with the Easter Holidays and then it was time to continue with our project for the third time.

I worked ahead slightly fearing that I may run into an unexpected problem and have to contact Emma How  for help but my fears were unfounded and I got this far.

With all the foundations about free motion quilting laid the fun seemed to have started.  The ladies were much more relaxed, realized it was simply a matter of memorizing a different pattern and then getting down to stitching it. 

To save us from the frustration of changing thread color constantly and winding new bobbins we started using only one color thread at first, spreading this color over several blocks in different areas of the quilt before changing to the next color.  On this meeting we all however still worked with our first color but accomplished quite a lot in only 3 hours.

Here are some of my individual blocks at that stage - I had more than one color seeing that I worked ahead.

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  1. Wow, I see you are using some of the ideas from Leah Day. It looks fantastic.
    Sandra/ Stouffville Canada