Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Blocks in free motion – My end result

After the last meeting with me handing out patterns to fit every shape in the blocks many of the group realized that what I said right in the beginning was true and they now felt comfortable to work on their own.  The group meetings did continue but the group became smaller and as much as I hoped to get one more photo with all of us and our quilts it seems as if it is not going to happen.  Everyone has moved on and got busy with other things.

So in this post I can unfortunately just show my own end result all the while still hoping that I will get photos of the other quilts once completed.  This is my end result and I think with this quilt Emma How has given a totally new take on a whole-cloth quilt.  Why would you just stick to one colour matching the fabric when you can use all the colours you wish to?

A couple more of my individual blocks

I used Guterman Sulky 100% cotton thread on top and in the bottom to do all the stitching making the quilt reversible.  The variegated thread colour code is 4106.

Thanks again Emma for allowing us to do this quilt.  I, for one, had a wonderful time and love my end result.

Completed:  June 2011


  1. This quilt is fantastic. So much work. I love it.

  2. Your quilting is beautiful - I would love to learn how to do it!