Wednesday, July 06, 2011

National Quilt Festival: My trip and accommodation in Stellenbosch

You know the saying ‘life happens while you’re making other plans’?  It happened over here yesterday.  Adamant to get my house work up to date, wanting to sort my blog photos and continue doing my daily chores, the trip switch on our electrical box decided it is about time to die on us.  Sat without electricity in the plugs (lights worked) from about 11am until 4pm when the electrician finally could come to fix the problem.  Almost froze to death without heating unable to do anything plug related which is most everything!!  So suddenly all my positive plans were moved from morning to late afternoon and evening.  But now on to my trip and stay in Stellenbosch.

Needless to say my best half went along.  No not my husband, he is only the better half but going on any quilting related trip without dear friend Karin is like going without your rotary cutter – in fact I’d rather leave the latter at home.

Much to the disgust of the men in our lives, we (actually Karin) made them take a photo of us before departing from the airport in Bloemfontein.  Here we are still all chirpy and excited, looking forward to our time.

After taking the photo they couldn’t get away from us fast enough, just to be greeted out loudly by Karin as they were about to leave the airport building’s doors.  They did not find us funny with Karin’s husband actually wanting to know when Karin would find a new friend.  I used to like this guy but it seems our relationship is ruined now – darn!!  Unfortunately no photo of the two of them.

Wonderful flight and after 2 bottles of wine in a one-and-a-half hour flight we arrived on Cape Town airport even more chirpy than what we were on departure.  Best surprise ever on the other side when my ‘non-quilting’ best half, Celdri, were there to meet us.  One of the most amazing people I’ve ever met and in no specific area……….. amazing in all areas (okay, leave out cooking and kitchens).

Got our luggage, waited for our Shuttle and after an hour had to phone to find out what happened to the guy.  There we were reading all the banners for our names and our driver decided he’ll just sit and wait in his car as if we knew him, the company or the fact that he’ll be waiting outside.  Not too pleased; that I can assure you.

Our guesthouse however did not disappoint and we were taken to two separate (in fact on the opposite sides of the house) very spacious rooms.  Karin obviously bribed the hosts as she got a room with double glass doors going out to the garden with a nice bench just as she goes outdoors.  Mine, on the other hand, was a room with the entrance inside the house, down a couple of steps (it felt like they were taking me to the dungeon) and I had to walk through the house to get outside.  I think they’ll ask the next guest how much they sleep at night before putting anyone else in there ever again.  If you treat me that way you’ll have to deal with me unlocking the front door at 2am, 4 am and again when I wake up at 6 am.  The staff arriving at 06:30 in the morning were rather shocked the first day to find the front door wide open upon their arrival but soon got used to the ‘sleepless’ person.  These photos show my room.  Until I went shopping I didn’t know why anyone would need this much space in one single room.

After unpacking Karin and I met halfway on the front porch (the name of our planned reality show but more about that later) before we had to get dressed for the prize giving dinner later the evening.  Look when we sit I am taller than Karin!

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