Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Peacock entry for our National Quilt Festival

I returned from a couple of days at our National Quilt Festival in Stellenbosch yesterday evening and am still in the process of catching up with the housework but with the dishwasher unpacked and the second laundry load (not just my own; that of the rest of the family too) in the washing machine, I thought to start sorting my blog’s (own and that of our guild) photos.

I’ve decided to enter a quilt for this festival’s challenge. The challenge theme was “Showtime” and we had to use this particular fabric in the quilt.

Unfortunately not having blogged the process as I went along, I've misplaced plenty of photos between my laptop and main PC and now have to struggle to make sense of what I have. Anyway the name “Showtime” to me (in my little messed up head) spelled colorful and boy did I search for images on the internet that would be colorful, represent ‘Showtime’ and furthermore where I could make use of the challenge fabric which I should add I thought was the absolute most horrible piece of fabric I've ever laid eyes on. That should say a lot as I am a firm believer that there just is no such thing as ugly fabric.

Then finally one evening I came across a photo of a peacock and in this I saw color, an image that could represent ‘Showtime’ and I could use the prescribed fabric too. I was so excited but not being artistic there was no way that I could even try to recreate or copy this.

Fortunately my daughter’s latest boyfriend is extremely creative with sketching being his favorite hobby so I summoned him to draw me a ‘ quilt-able’ peacock and the kid did not disappoint when he brought me this sketch.

Then I had to find pictures with slightly more close-up detail of peacock feathers, the placement of these and just in general check a peacock out decently for once and again I searched the internet high and low to try and find pictures or photos with plenty of detail, such as these.

The fun part of selecting and purchasing fabric started but then the big work of trying to have at least a couple of techniques and deciding on which to do first started and unfortunately here I’ve misfiled many photos that I simply cannot find. I did however find 2, one showing the shapes still pinned in place and another of the back trying to show how I did trapunto in some areas.

These next photos show the base layers down onto the fabric and the feathers coming along.

With the front done, I could put the quilt up the spray basting wall to sandwich the layers.

Finally the finished quilt being aired before I packed it to be couriered to the Festival organizers.

Even though I worked my butt off on this it didn't win any prizes but when I saw the quilts in the same challenge I knew exactly why – they were absolutely brilliant but I will have another post showing the comparison. In fact once up the wall my poor entry simply disappeared next to the other most stunning, colorful entries. Keeping you in suspense for a little while more but now I have to attend to some more housework.

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  1. Hettie, Your quilt is over the top in my opinion. I am not that brave to try something free styled like you did. The colors are really great. Keep up the good work. Chris