Monday, August 15, 2011

Simple Yet Elegant BOM – Block 8

With this block done I am actually up to date with this BOM from The Quilt Pattern Magazine and so chuffed with myself taking into account that I only started working on block two on 3 August.  Okay maybe I shouldn’t be all that chuffed - if I hadn’t fallen behind in the first place, I would not have had to make almost a block a day.

This last block was completed when Karin and I had another ‘quilt-thru-the-night’ session and once done I started with yet another New Years’ quilt that has fallen along the wayside but only got 2 rows done.

Karin arrived here with a quilt top, her batting and backing and we quickly sandwiched it (20 minutes exactly) and then she started the free motion on the quilt.

 Just after 5 am the next morning her quilt was done, binding on and ready to be photographed.  I am sensing competition for me in the speed that I complete a quilt and then she calls herself a friend.

 Bottom-line is she wanted this quilt for a baby shower at 11 am and got it done.  Nice work my PIC!

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