Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Stack ‘n Whack – First group workshop

I had the Rotary Cutters (one of our quilt guild groups) over yesterday evening for this workshop and what a lively, positive and fun group this is.  The only complaint I have against them is that I hardly got time to speak.  Fortunately I did the workshop on PowerPoint so I could simply move a slide back or forward as the need arose.

Here the ladies are hard at work. 
Between the gossip of the day the major topic of conversation was our planned National Quilt Festival in 2013 and what an eager bunch of people.  The goodie bag project is already underway with the one more eager to help than the other.  A rather sudden fundraising project was started when my DH challenged all of theirs to equal the amount he pledges towards paying the expenses of one judge for the event.  Thus meaning this fundraising is done and dusted – our men never disappoints us.  By 2013 we won’t even know what the fuzz about ‘working hard’ was all about.

Natasha – the master baker in the group – will forward us her dishes for sale and we all agreed that she should add a tiny amount towards the festival and we will support her.  One of the dishes mentioned that I can’t wait to order was Spring Rolls with butternut and feta; to be dipped in sweet chili sauce.  Now how good does that sound for a Friday evening meal??  Natasha also brought the chocolate cake (drenched in milk chocolate topped with nuts) for our coffee break.  I kept this in mind when I didn’t feel like getting up for my early morning walk and realized I just had to walk especially with the other goodies still to follow.

These are the blocks in progress made by the ladies.

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