Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Final Stack ‘n Whack group for this year

Today I had a group of ladies all the way from Virginia to do the Stack ‘n Whack workshop.  They call themselves the Backyard Friends as they get together regularly in someone’s backyard to pursue their sewing.

A lovely bunch of people, arrived here with all their fabrics cut to order, stacked in place and ready to go.  After having coffee we could start the day and no slow movers in this group.  I said something ones and the needles on the machines started working and before long everyone had a couple of blocks done.

 I however made a rather BIG mistake in suggesting that they, seeing that they’ve driven all this way, QUICKLY go check out fabric at one of our local shops.  So at 12pm they took a lunch break and hit the shops.  I cleaned the coffee mugs from the morning’s session, fed my mom, unpacked the dishwasher; spoke to Karin on the phone…… no sign of the ladies….. started dinner, fed the animals, worked on my goodie bag project……. Still no sign of the ladies…… finished dinner, re-packed the dishwasher, did more quilting and finally they arrived.

 Lesson learnt….. never send any quilter for a QUICK trip to a fabric shop but then again they brought me much needed fabric for our project and saved me a trip to the city center.  Just kidding ladies, as long as you had fun, I am satisfied.

However a pity, my namesake and the lady who arranged this trip for the group could not make it.  Next time, Hettie??

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