Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A huge old mess

This photo was specifically taken for all those quilters who seem to think and comment on me being so tidy.  I just wanted to show them that nobody’s perfect and occasionally the paw-paw hits the fan over at my place too.

 Got out of my room dressed at 7:30 this morning, dealt with the blonde fighting with her boyfriend on the phone, made coffee, checked e-mails, posted on the guild’s blog, accepted new Facebook friends for the guild, played my one Facebook game, wrote a LONG e-mail to a friend with an extremely exciting life but always wants my input on whatever she did or plans.  Fed mom breakfast, tidied the house, packed dishwasher, went shopping for ingredients, started baking for tomorrow’s guild meeting, sorted the pets, got mom’s nurse to work on a goodie bag project for our planned festival in 2013, unpack dishwasher, sort dinner, clean kitchen, repack dishwasher, another pet feeding session, gave mom lunch, take photo of my messy room, buy internet data for my speech at tomorrow’s meeting with the help of the internet, spoke to Karin on the phone planning another goodie bag project, booked a new beginner quilter for the next course, blonde back from writing a test – show interest, type this, fetch data projector, sound system & screen for speech, figure out how these are put together, pack snacks for tomorrow neatly in plates and wrap it, put Meeko (parrot )to sleep – this takes easily an hour, still teaches a class tonight from 6pm to 9pm.  And the bottom-line is……

This mess will still be here tomorrow as there is just no way that I will have time to continue with the quilt on the table or finish the financial statements of my Trust account; desperately needed by the auditors.

Tonight at 21:30, after all the quilters left, can I only sit back and have dinner and let me now say, “I’m tired” I can guarantee you one stupid family member will reply with “From doing what?”  

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  1. I bet to differ! That is most definitely not a mess. I would rather not put a photo of my sewing room on.