Thursday, August 11, 2011

Another fun Stack ‘n Whack group

My BOM blocks were interrupted when I had another group for the Stack ‘n Whack quilt today.  This time however this quilt is just the start to something bigger as this group will be continuing every second week to master their free motion skills once done with the top.  They have exactly 2 weeks to finish the top and return with their completed sandwich.  You can do it ladies!!!

Whenever I get to see this quilt in progress I wonder if it could ever turn out ugly for no matter which combination of fabrics and or colors are used, it simply works.

 On this block it even shows how a different color bias strip can change the quilt completely.

 Another lovely group of people and I am beginning to believe we only have nice people in our guild.

1 comment:

  1. I've decided on a purple bias strip, or rather my daughter have. And must admit I highly doubt it to be possible to finish the top within the 2 weeks. But it works amazingly fast and I love it!