Friday, August 12, 2011

Simple Yet Elegant BOM – Block 6

Started this block from the BOM by The Quilt Pattern Magazine on Tuesday which was a public holiday over here (Women’s Day)and with all the appliqué pieces already glued down to the background I could just hand stitch whenever possible.

The big kids came over to visit and I made good use of them to help with a project in our goodie bags for our 17th National Quilt Festival
Socks (ginger cat) & Catsidy entertained themselves by playing in a breeding cage for parrots.  
 Just look at Socks’ face.  He is such a snob but o so sweet and for some reason thinks I have quilters over just for his entertainment.
No matter how much I tried to get done - with feeding the family and being social I only finished this block quarter past midnight the evening.  Just to, the next morning, see that my bird’s beak was hardly visible and I had to go back and stitch a line of black thread around it, to make it show up against the background fabric.

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