Sunday, August 28, 2011

Breakfast at Florisbad

Spent some quality time with DH this weekend (Karin’s idea of fun) and saw a show on Koos du Plessis’ songs Friday evening and took a breakfast trip to Florisbad Sunday morning.  Karin and her DH went to their cabin by the dam for the weekend.  We have to give our men credit for they are about as involved with our guild projects as we are (slightly undercover but still eager to help, or so they make us feel).  The only thing we still cannot get them to do is the actual cutting and stitching of quilts.
I finished 34 goodie bag project therefore leaving Karin to make 31 and then we’re on schedule until end September 2011.  We had to start slightly earlier than our counted months and try to get as much as possible done as the two of us, still have a couple of trips/outings planned for this year.
 The breakfast trip to Florisbad was a welcome break for my aching back.  DH and I toured the grounds as we will have a PFAFF sew-away at Florisbad early October and I can already see us ladies having major fun there.  One of the many advantages of owning a PFAFF sewing machine – their regular sew-aways with like-minded people.  This one is organized by our local PFAFF dealer, Marie and she is ever so patient with us lot.

Even though still dry after the cold Free State winter Florisbad turned out to be an excellent venue for a short vacation with lovely gathering spaces, a swimming pool, a conference room where we will obviously sew – the bar too close to this area with Karin around and a divine dining room.  I just loved the beautiful stoep at the restaurant.

 These last two photos were taken especially for Karin.  In the photo left I am standing in the door of the room where we’ll be sewing, give 6 BIG steps forward and we end up in the photo on the right.  Neat hey?  The best part is that the toilets are in between, so bathroom breaks and bladder infections here we come.  Think Marie will believe us?

Isn’t it terribly sad that weekends have to come to an end?


  1. As you can see I am not with you, you actually took a handbag with and then made DH carry it. Shame the poor man. That week is gonna be a blast. Sewing, good friends and a couple of glasses of wine, what more can we ask for.

  2. You can see I am not with you, you actually took a handbag with and then you made DH carry it, so typical you.