Thursday, November 15, 2012

Touring Croatia - Part 8

We were up early the next day for another 2 hour hiking session along the lakes of Plitvice.  The lower parts of the lakes were equally beautiful.

Afterwards we just had time for a final look at our hotel before we got back on the bus to drive 230 km to Trogir.

Our first stop along the road was at Marche's Bistro where I got a neat idea for outside cigarette butts (more about that later.)

The final stop before Trogir was at Krka National Park but we just had time for a quick peek before heading off again.

Now this post was done on the new computer on Windows 8 and a nightmare to say the least.  Why couldn't they simply have left the X (for exit) at the top of everything.  O and I realized I didn't know where to shut the computer down - remember 'Start' - 'Shut Down'?  It no longer exists!!

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