Monday, November 26, 2012

Touring Croatia - Part 14

The next morning we had a guided tour to see the old part of Dubrovnik and I always take photos like these just to help me find my way around – getting lost is one of my specialties.

Dubrovnik was founded by Roman refugees and this old fort with its hanging bridge was built to protect Dubrovnik against the Venetian forces.

Inside the Dubrovnik Museum

In 1667 a huge earthquake hit the country and many of the old buildings were destroyed but there was still many more left for us to admire.

We took a glass bottomed boat ride from where we could see the land from a different angle.

And then a little sad history.

Done with the guided tour we traveled to Cavtat and after browsing through the local shops we started cocktail tasting.

Mellow enough after this we sat waiting for our bus before we headed back to Dubrovnik as we had an extra early start planned for the next day.

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