Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Touring Croatia - Part 16

We could at least sleep late one morning as our bus only left for Stari Grad at 10 am.

 From there another 2 hour ferry trip to Split and on this ferry Karin didn't feel too good and took a tablet from Rina.  Big mistake…… she slept where and whenever she could after this!

 This ferry was even bigger than the first and we could sit (sleep) indoors.

Done with the ferry it was back on the bus immediately to drive 5 hours to Opatija but luckily we had a pitstop in Krka again to enjoy lunch.

We only got to Opatija late that evening traveling past ongoing rocky land and uncountable tunnels running through these!

Again Karin and I had an amazing room in the Hotel Palace-Bellevue with a balcony overlooking the town.  And the hotel beds got even closer……

The hotel was build where a small river originally ran but due to ongoing building this was stopped in its flow . The foyer of the hotel however was built to show where the river used to run into the lake and eventually the ocean.

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