Friday, November 23, 2012

Touring Croatia - Part 13

Immediately after arriving in Dubrovnik Karin and I hit the streets and walked for what felt like for ages – never bearing in mind that the walk back would be uphill.  We just took in general life lead by the locals.

In a school playground.  We at first thought it was a park until we saw the teachers checking on the kids playing outside.  In darkest Africa schools are surrounded by fences, how were we to know this was not a park?

An oldie parked in a driveway.

Arriving back in our hotel room after the uphill walk back, we just had to put our feet up.

This was also the first hotel where we got a non-smoking room (or so we thought as we had no ashtrays in the room, turned out everyone else had).  We then checked out where the smoke alarm was and positioned ourselves so that this would not pick up any smoke.  No-one as desperate as a smoker who cannot smoke!

After dinner time to relax by the hotel swimming pool.

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