Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Touring Croatia - Part 2

We were rudely awaken on the airplane for breakfast at 02:30, I mean really??!!  Landed in Istanbul at 05:00 Turkish time and Karin and I dashed for the only smoking area on this airport which must be the filthiest terrace in the world but being dead tired, we couldn't care less.  Here Karin, hot, tired and desperate for a smoke made herself at home on the floor to let her family know we've arrived safely.

Several coffees and cokes later the smiles returned to the faces.

Okay, a photo to prove we've been there......

Waiting to board - a final look at Istanbul airport.

For some ridiculous reason both Karin and I thought this plane, departing to Zagreb, was delayed terribly.  We both fell asleep almost immediately after being seated and thought we slept for hours before departing.  It turned out later that it wasn't delayed - wonder why we couldn't figure this out ourselves since we landed in Zagreb on time!

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