Wednesday, November 14, 2012

On the golf course again

I am using my laptop while the new computer is installing programs and at this stage Windows 8 is still foreign to me.  I did however successfully downloaded GIMP and already used it, so I guess the more I play, the better I will become.  (I suppose it works that way in golf too.)

The De Villiers couple invited us for a game of golf and lunch at their house on Sunday - don't you think I do know how to select my friends?!

I haven't held a golf club for months but it seems Karin too forgot to hold her head still.

DH had his hands full trying to explain all the do's and don'ts to us, so a smoke break was welcomed.

Nothing that cannot be fixed with a hug.

Thanks for a great day and lovely food you guys!

Now to continue with sifting through the Croatia photos and this time on the new computer.  Patience please.

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