Monday, November 19, 2012

Touring Croatia - Part 10

I start every new week with so many plans of what I want or need to do but sadly end every week with very little to show.  Today however I've already moved mountains except that I am still in my PJ's!  Well getting dressed was never on any of my lists.  Freezers and fridge wiped, cleared of all unused oldies and wiped clean and I've already tidied and repacked 2 cupboards but now on to another thing on my list..... my Croatia photos.

Gosh I regret having taken so many photos - if only my memory was better but I do remember it was an amazing trip!

The next morning we went on a day tour to Split about 40 km from Trogir.  I took a couple of photos through the bus window to show Karin (who slept in the bus) afterwards.  Karin if I forgot to show you, here they are now.

We first had a guided tour before we could explore the city on our own.  This was Diocletian's Palace around which Split was build.

Inside the basement of the old palace - notice the holes in the basement roof?

The upper level of the palace was destroyed and as people started building new houses, they simply made holes in the floor and dumped all their unused building materials into the basement.  These were later cleared to restore the basement.

A statue of the infamous Diocletian.

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